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Dutch art dealer rediscovers rare, early work by Vincent van Gogh
Bob Albricht presents rare painting by important Dutch master at TEFAF New York Fall

Oosterbeek / London, October 2016 – Last summer Dutch art dealer Bob Albricht of Kunstgalerij Albricht acquired ‘View of the New Church and old houses in The Hague’ from a French private collector. This work, painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1883, is regarded as one of the highlights of TEFAF New York the first edition of the most prestigious art fair in the world to be held abroad.

‘View of the New Church and old houses in The Hague’ is an oilpainting on canvas, mounted on panel. It is one of the rare works by Van Gogh that was still privately held. The painting, measuring 35.5 x 26 cm ( 13,8” x 10,2”), has been described in numerous important publications and has been on loan at several exhibitions since 1903.

Private collection

Bob Albricht: “The chances of finding another oil painting by Vincent van Gogh in a private collection and which has hardly ever been exhibited are very small. In 1970, this painting changed hands for the last time when it was bought by a French collector. For the first time in 46 years the work is now on the market again. It is not only the highlight of my collection, but I think it’s probably one of the highlights of TEFAF New York Fall 2016.”

Early oeuvre

The painting is typical for Van Gogh’s early work. No iconic sun flowers or interiors, none of his later coloration. That does not mean however that the expert cannot recognize the hand of the master. Bob Albricht: “One of the most fascinating aspects of this work is that I keep discovering more and more details that unmistakeably bear Van Gogh’s signature. This may be the reason why the work is still captivating today, its many layers gradually revealing the virtuosity of the painter’s technique and composition.”

At Bob Albricht’s request, Fred Leeman, the former head curator of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, made an extensive art-historical description of the work. In this description Leeman says about the painting: “The treatment of the paint reveals a sure hand, capable of suggesting a surface with a few powerful strokes of paint or creating light between the houses with a few thin, white lines. Therefore, it is likely that the painting was made during the last months of Van Gogh’s Hague period, between July and September 1883 and it may be regarded as the painter’s personal keepsake of The Hague.”

About Kunstgalerij Albricht

Kunstgalerij Albricht is a family business founded in 1973 by Peter Albricht, the father of the present owner Bob Albricht. Bob Albricht is a certified appraiser of 19th-century art. Kunstgalerij Albricht has its principal establishment in Oosterbeek (near Arnhem in The Netherlands) and a branch in London (UK). It specialises in 19th- and early 20th-century art. Albricht has an extensive collection of paintings by the major representatives of the different art-movements of the 1800-19125 period: i.e. romanticism, impressionism and the classical modern . The works focusing on Dutch and French masters mostly originate from private collectors. A few dozen paintings change hands annually at Albricht’s. In its 45-year history the gallery has sold two paintings and ten drawings by Vincent Van Gogh.


TEFAF Maastricht, the leading international art and antiques fair, offers works of unequalled quality and provides a central platform for major art dealers and experts from all over the world. TEFAF is a non-profit organisation and is regarded as an expert and a source of inspiration for the global art market both by private and institutional collectors. TEFAF New York Fall 2016 will be held in the Park Avenue Armory, New York from 21 to 26 October 2016.

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